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What was previously merely a hobby and a passion has turned into a fully-fledged wholesale nursery for Hilton and Liza Atherstone from Tzaneen, Limpopo.


Wholesale Nursery - CliviasFrom humble beginnings, they have bred and developed their extensive Clivia collection and have produced many award winning plants (see newspaper articles), winning the Northern (Pretoria) Clivia Show three years in succession and still have the record for the most awards at a single show in Pretoria. A bonus was winning the 2006 SA National Clivia Show hosted by the Northern Clivia Society. Their beautiful garden is the breeding ground for their landscape nursery and the commercial Clivia stock.

Plants are continuously upgraded to ensure that quality seed reaches the nursery. Many Clivia enthusiasts have commented that they would only dare display such beautiful Clivias in their shade houses. Most of the approximately 6000 plants in their private garden are hybrids. Their Clivia plantation is also rapidly expanding, providing quality plants for landscaping and nursery purposes.


Landscape Nursery - DayliliesNot to be outshone by the Clivias, are their stunning daylilies. After having collected a vast number of stunning daylilies, the "daylily bug" bit Hilton hard! He has done a vast amount of pollination over the last 3 years, and the first batch of plants will be available this season. Many stunning blooms are expected.

Roumen Farms also has a vast collection of American Hybrids on display in their garden, and summertime is a riot of colour. There are also various commercial varieties available in landscape volumes. Liza grows Inca Lilies for the cut flower market as well.

Having found it necessary to "fill the gaps" between seasons, Liza has expanded the wholesale nursery from Clivias and Inca Lilies to incorporate various landscape lines and has a vast number of high quality topiaries and standards available (Durantas).

Roumen Farms Wholesale Nursery is well known in Limpopo for their capacity to produce quality plants at competitive prices. 

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